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How the US could take to help Uighurs in China

China has imprisoned millions of Uighur Muslims in concentration camps. Here’s what the Trump administration could do right now to help stop it.

UK accuses China of ‘gross’ human rights abuses against Uighurs

UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab has accused China of "gross and egregious" human rights abuses against its Uighur population and said sanctions against those responsible cannot be ruled out.

China forcing birth control on Uighurs to suppress population, report says

China is forcing women to be sterilised or fitted with contraceptive devices in Xinjiang in an apparent attempt to limit the population of Muslim Uighurs, according to new research.

China’s hidden partner in suppressing the Muslim Uighurs – the US

It’s been revealed that Trump encouraged the mass internment of Uighurs. But the US complicity goes back to 9/11.

Exclusive: Trump held off on Xinjiang sanctions for China trade deal

In an Oval Office interview on Friday afternoon, President Trump told me that he held off on imposing Treasury sanctions against Chinese officials involved with the Xinjiang mass detention camps because doing so would have interfered with his trade deal with Beijing.

UN demands ‘unfettered access’ for China Uighur region visit

Beijing has said it would welcome UN officials to Xinjiang on the condition they stay out of its internal affairs.

TikTok’s owner is helping China’s campaign of repression in Xinjiang, report...

Chinese tech giants including ByteDance, TikTok’s parent company, and Huawei Technologies are working closely with the Communist Party to censor and surveil Uighur Muslims in China’s western region of Xinjiang

‘The Entire System Is Designed to Suppress Us.’ What the Chinese...

As China’s economy slows and rising wages make manufacturing less competitive, the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is turning to technology to arrest the slide. Strategic technologies such as AI are a key focus.

‘Organised cruelty’: who are the Uighurs and why does China want...

China's government launched a "smashing, obliterating offensive" in its western province of Xinjiang. What is happening there? And who are the Uighurs?

A Million People Are Jailed at China’s Gulags. I Managed to...

Rape, torture and human experiments. Sayragul Sauytbay offers firsthand testimony from a Xinjiang 'reeducation' camp.

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