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How China’s Urban Demolition Policy Traps Migrant Youths

In 2017, there were approximately 137 million Chinese from the countryside living and working in the country’s cities. These individuals left their homes —...

Truck Drivers in Multiple Chinese Provinces on Strike Demanding Better Treatment

Truck drivers in multiple provinces in China have decided to go on strike, demanding that the Chinese authorities address their grievances. In the cities of...

China’s moon mission will probe cosmic dark ages

On 21 May, China plans to launch a satellite with a vital but unglamorous mission. From a vantage point beyond the moon, Queqiao, as...

China criminalizes the slander of its ‘heroes and martyrs,’ as it seeks to control history

China's Communist Party has always understood the importance of policing its history. On Friday, it tightened the screws another notch with a new law banning...

Another problem with China’s coal: Mercury in rice

Mercury pollution is a problem usually associated with fish consumption. Pregnant women and children in many parts of the world are advised to eat...

Chinese factory supplying major laptop brands accused of student labour abuses

The world’s biggest laptop brands rely on Chinese student labourers as young as 16 to work 12-hour days on factory production lines, with their funding and graduation at risk if they fail to comply, a labour watchdog has claimed.

In China, the people who barely exist

I watched the old man for about an hour before I approached him. He sat on a dirty blanket on the street corner, bent like a sextant with age, rats scuttling in the gutter below his feet.

China’s Rights Crackdown Is Called ‘Most Severe’ Since Tiananmen Square

GENEVA — China is systematically undermining international human rights groups in a bid to silence critics of its crackdown on such rights at home, a watchdog...

Dropouts a concern for China’s evolving economy

Every day after lunch, Madam Qu Yexiu used to potter around her house in north-west China doing housework and looking after her two-year-old grandson.

The Souls of China and Shanghai Faithful reviews

Ian Johnson and Jennifer Lin sensitively explore formal belief in post-Mao China. For Karl Marx, religion was the creation of productive forces, “the sigh of...
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China’s still building detention camps in Xinjiang — and they’re getting even bigger

China appears to be expanding its network of secret detention facilities for Uyghurs and other Muslim minorities in Xinjiang, despite official claims that all detainees have been released from the camps.

China forces 500,000 Tibetans into labour camps

China is pushing hundreds of thousands of Tibetans into forced labour camps, mirroring a program in the western Xinjiang region, as the International Olympic Committee is urged to strip Beijing of the Winter Olympics.

Disgrace! ‘Mulan’ Has a Message: Serve China and Forget About the Uighurs

The film was put together by a team of Western scriptwriters who seem to have done very little homework, resulting in a jumbled mess whose absorption of China’s nationalist myths is largely unconscious.

Trump administration weighs accusing China of ‘genocide’ over Uighurs

The United States is weighing formally labeling China’s brutal repression of ethnic Muslim minority Uighurs a “genocide,” two Trump administration officials said.