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Yore takes on the unholy alliance of the Vatican and Communist...

“Why aren’t we putting all of these faces of people who are going missing up there?” Yore said about those who disappear in China for practicing their religion. “I don’t know if there’s even a list up in the Vatican.

In China no child is allowed in church; they are banished...

The assault on religion is widespread, comprehensive, and brutal in China. The Xi government has demolished religion from cradle to grave. 

China’s pre-Christmas church crackdown raises alarm

A recent surge of police action against churches in China has raised concerns the government is getting even tougher on unsanctioned Christian...

Bishop from China’s underground Catholic church steps down – state media

A bishop from China's underground Catholic church will step down at the request of the Vatican to make way for a candidate...

How China uses intimidation, negotiation to bring Christians under its control

The officials at the gate were expecting us — a dozen guards with armbands marked "local safety committee". The door has always been open on our other visits.

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