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How a little brown book can keep China’s lovers worlds apart

In China, a household-registration system called hukou decides migrants’ social status, where they can afford to live – and who they marry. Nathan VanderKlippe...

Zhuangzi and the Skull

The story of Zhuangzi and the roadside skull is consistently popular with Western readers as a classic example of the strange and humorous insight...

On moral conducts and humanity

How shall we live a life of peace? This is not easy, but it’s very meaningful. When I want to talk about this topic, the word “respect” first came to my mind.


Zhuang Zhou, often known as Zhuangzi ("Master Zhuang"), was an influential Chinese philosopher who lived around the 4th century BC during the Warring States period,...

Women-Only Trains for City That Blocked Anti-Harassment Ads

The Guangzhou subway announced Friday that it will begin trials for female-only cars. The move comes after the city earlier this year rebuffed a...

The Debate on the Joy of Fish

The story of "The Debate on the Joy of Fish" is a well known anecdote that has been compared to the Socratic dialogue tradition...

Privacy concerns as China expands DNA database

China is building a vast DNA database with no appropriate privacy protection, human rights activists warn. While a genetic database of convicted or suspected criminals...

What Is The Good Life?

What is “the good life”?  This is one of the oldest philosophical questions.  It has been posed in different ways–How should one live?  What...

China Defends its Prison Treatment of Ailing Nobel Peace Laureate Liu Xiaobo

In the midst of a growing outcry, China appears to be responding to criticism that prison authorities failed to provide sufficient care to ailing...

Queen filmed calling Chinese officials ‘very rude’

The Queen has been filmed saying Chinese officials were "very rude" during last year's state visit by President Xi Jinping. She was discussing their treatment...

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