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Online Market for Sham Marriages Flourishes in China

Chinese citizens eager to unlock a wide variety of bureaucratic perks have spawned an online market for sham marriages, newspaper Southern Metropolis Daily reported last week.

How students cheated in exams to get into China’s imperial civil service

Tiny book on display in Changsha gives glimpse of the underhand methods used by some trying to enter China’s bureaucracy during Ming and Qing...

Why 2016 is Actually the Best Time in All of History to Be Alive

Fuck 2016. Worst year ever, right? From Trump to Syria, Bowie to Brexit—all you have to do is flip on your Twitter feed to...

A resurgence of religious faith is changing China

Buddhist, Daoist and Christian believers are adapting the rhythms of the past to modern life. HISTORICALLY in China, state and religion were always united, forming...

How China controls its citizens through social media

Have you ever wondered if your government monitors what you do on your smart phone? If you lived in China, this would be an...

Why China is banning beards and veils in Xinjiang

China is intensifying its crackdown against what it deems religious extremism in the far-west province of Xinjiang, which is home to 10 million Muslims.

Confucius: the meaning of life

Confucius (551–479 B.C.E.) was one of several intellectuals who started questioning the meaning of life, and the role of the gods and the spirits....

Mortality, Childbirth

Until the late twentieth century, and then only in developed countries, the mortality risks associated with childbearing were substantial. Although there are risks to...

Racism is a moral issue

In my job as Race Discrimination Commissioner I am often asked how you should respond to an incident of racism. Imagine being at work...

Is ‘China’s Machiavelli’ Now Its Most Important Political Philosopher?

Xi Jinping quotes an ancient philosopher and offers possible insights into his political beliefs. Much like a dragon, “the ruler of men has bristling scales....

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