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Six Chinese Stories with Morals

Kong Rong Gave Away Bigger Pears In the Eastern Han Dynasty, there was a person called Kong Rong. He’d been smart ever since he was...

Privacy concerns as China expands DNA database

China is building a vast DNA database with no appropriate privacy protection, human rights activists warn. While a genetic database of convicted or suspected criminals...

A generation left behind: Millions of Chinese children abandoned as parents seek work

By China correspondent Matthew Carney Around 61 million children are left behind in China's rural villages and towns while their parents work in the big...


Zhuang Zhou, often known as Zhuangzi ("Master Zhuang"), was an influential Chinese philosopher who lived around the 4th century BC during the Warring States period,...

Is ‘China’s Machiavelli’ Now Its Most Important Political Philosopher?

Xi Jinping quotes an ancient philosopher and offers possible insights into his political beliefs. Much like a dragon, “the ruler of men has bristling scales....

Why 2016 is Actually the Best Time in All of History to Be Alive

Fuck 2016. Worst year ever, right? From Trump to Syria, Bowie to Brexit—all you have to do is flip on your Twitter feed to...

China accuses U.N. rights envoy of ‘meddling’ in its judiciary

China accused a United Nations human rights investigator on Thursday of overstepping his mandate and interfering with China's "judicial sovereignty" by raising the case...

China from the inside

Power and the people "Although there are hundreds of millions of workers and peasants, they don't count. You can ignore them. You can also rob...

Academic Chongyi Feng: profits, freedom and China’s ‘soft power’ in Australia

In March this year, University of Technology Sydney associate professor Chongyi Feng was detained by Chinese officials, unable to board his flight home to...

Queen filmed calling Chinese officials ‘very rude’

The Queen has been filmed saying Chinese officials were "very rude" during last year's state visit by President Xi Jinping. She was discussing their treatment...

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