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Chinese boy scores full marks for moving essay on phone addict dad

A nine-year-old boy in central China tugged at the heartstrings of many when his cry for attention from his phone addict father in a...

One year after going viral, China’s ‘Ice Boy’ has a new home and warmer...

Many things about Wang Fuman’s life have changed since he became an international sensation a year ago. Then, he was an 8-year-old...

Chinese schools enforce ‘smart uniforms’ with GPS tracking system to monitor students

Chinese schools have begun enforcing "smart uniforms" embedded with computer chips to monitor student movements and prevent them from skipping classes.

Leading Chinese Marxist student taken away by police on Mao’s birthday

Chinese police detained a well-known Marxist at a top university on Wednesday, a witness said, on the sensitive anniversary of the 125th...

Chinese boys under pressure to become ‘real men’

Tang Haiyan runs his school with a clear mission in mind: He will train boys to be men. There...

A Chinese University’s Surveillance Plan Has Sparked Public Backlash

A Chinese university’s plan to conduct a blanket search of student and staff electronic devices has come under fire, illustrating the limits of the population’s tolerance for surveillance.

15-page resume for a 5-year-old: The lengths Chinese parents go to for the right...

Most parents are ambitious for their child's future, but when the 15-page resume of a five-year-old was leaked online, it stunned Chinese social media.

Chinese kindergarten welcomes kids with a pole dancer

The principal of a kindergarten in southern China has been sacked after welcoming students back to the first day of the new school year with pole dancing.

Chinese parents fight in the streets over crowded classrooms

Video of more than 600 angry parents protesting, blocking roads and massing outside the local police station went viral in China - before inevitably being blocked by government censors.

Tiananmen Square massacre: The thing you will never read about in China

You won't read this in China where the 1989 massacre of student protesters simply didn't happen. It has been erased from history and from...

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