Vatican sends more than half-million masks to China amid coronavirus outbreak


The joint initiative of the Office of Papal charities and the Missionary Centre of the Chinese Church in Italy has seen hundreds of thousands of masks sent to China. According to a Press Statement by the Holy See Press Office, the masks have been sent to Hubei, Zhejiand and Fujian provinces, which appear to be the areas most affected by this virus.

The Vatican confirmed it sent the masks to China in an email to the Catholics News Service on Monday.

“The masks are destined to the provinces of Hubei, Zhejiang and Fujian,” the press office told the news service. “It is a joint initiative of the Office of Papal Charities and the Chinese Church in Italy, in collaboration with the Vatican pharmacy.”

About 600,000 to 700,000 of the masks have been sent from Italy, the transportation arranged by China Southern Airlines.

Vatican official Vincenzo Han Duo, who is overseeing the goodwill mission, told the Global Times that Cardinal Konrad Krajewski asked Han what he could do to help when told about the situation in China.

The donation comes as the virus rapidly spreads across China. China’s Health Commission reported a total of 17,205 confirmed cases of the disease and 361 deaths as of Sunday.

Pope Francis, in a public address last month, said, “May the Lord welcome the deceased in his peace, comfort families and support the great commitment of the Chinese community, already put in place to fight the epidemic,” the Catholic Herald reported at the time.

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