Our mind is like running water



The mind of people is like running water. On the water, dry vegetation pieces flow away, having no care for each other. These wood blocks flow away, separately; they are like our human hearts, caring only for themselves, not for one another.


In modern times, women are fighting for equality. They are fighting hard. I guess you must not agree to what I say, but I will go on to say it. They have been lifted up, without content. Women are born to have the vicious genes, as the Buddha has told, “They are dirty, , versatile, jealous, frivolous, and of bad temper; they speak maliciously, tell lies, and love traveling for comfort”.

Women dishonor their husbands by their beauty, family background, wealth of their parents, children and endurance. They only submit to men of power, wealth and honor. I am not talking one woman, but all women.


Ghosts and spirits are all about in streets and villages, amongst markets and tombs, and standing by a woman who is giving birth. When a person is to die, they also stand by, ready to consume its vigor.


People often say they are having fun. Fun is not real. We are like fish swimming in a drying river. How long will this fun last?


We must learn to be self-disciplined before telling others to do good. How can we benefit others without the ability to benefit ourselves first.


We shall be content as the birds, fly in total freedom, without the burden of accumulation.


We make ourselves a candle, ignite others, while we shall still be bright.


With love, we have worries and fears. Without love, we have nothing to worry, nothing to fear.



We live in a simulation. We experience the same sufferings in dreams and reality. When we wake up, nothing is real.

We are entering the Age of Consequences. A rapacious financial system, escalating organized violence,abject poverty for billions, the looming environmental fall-out.



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