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Six Chinese Stories with Morals

Kong Rong Gave Away Bigger Pears In the Eastern Han Dynasty, there was a person called Kong Rong. He’d been smart ever since he was...

Zhu Xi’s moral rules

Zhu Xi or Chu Hsi (Chinese: 朱熹, October 18, 1130 – April 23, 1200) was a Song dynasty Confucian scholar who was the leading...

Women in Confucian thought

Confucianism "largely defined the mainstream discourse on gender in China from the Han dynasty onward." The often strict, obligatory gender roles based on Confucian teachings...

Book of Rites

The Book of Rites or Liji(礼记), literally the Record of Rites, is a collection of texts describing the social forms, administration, and ceremonial rites...

Search for universal values

A value is a universal value if it has the same value or worth for all, or almost all, people. Spheres of human value...


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